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MES Approved Courses by Semester

The following course listings are tentative. For the most updated version, please see the university class schedule.

Foundational Courses

MIDE 1000: Intro to the Middle East (BF)
MIDE 1545: Middle East Civilization Classical (HIST 1450)
MIDE 1546: Middle East Civilization Modern (HIST 1460)
MIDE 2780: Religiosity in the Middle East & US 
MIDE 2910: Arabic and Persian Culture and Civ

Area Studies Electives


ARAB 4040: Advanced Arabic Language Skills
ARAB 4050: Advanced Arabic Language Skills
ARAB 4272: Linguistic Variation Arabic
ARAB 4880: Special Topics
ARAB 4900: Traditional Asian Medicine 


HIST 3005: Ancient Empires
HIST 3398: The History of the Middle East, 1798-1914
HIST 3400: The Middle Since 1914
HIST 4005: Ancient Israel & Palestine
HIST 4230: Global Islam
HIST 4400: Introduction to Islam (IR)
HIST 4410: Arabian Days Caliphates 
HIST 4420: The Crusades

Hebrew Studies 

HEBR 3880: Jewish Studies

Middle East Studies

MIDE 3540: Middle East History since 1914
MIDE 3545: History Mid E 1798-1914
MIDE 3644: Comparative Politics of ME
MIDE 3710: Hinduism and Islam
MIDE 3773: Silk Road: Past & Present 
MIDE 3713: Peoples & Cultures of the Mid East 
MIDE 3753: Anthr. And Archeology of Ancient Egypt
MIDE 3880: Special Topics 
MIDE 3880: Islamic Fundamentalism
MIDE 3880: The Jewish Experience 
MIDE 3880: Religion & Fashion of Mid East
MIDE 3880: Modern Lebanon and Syria
MIDE 4158: Major Trends in Modern Islam
MIDE 4107: Model Arab League
MIDE 4325: Muslim-Americans in the U.S. (DV)
MIDE 4327: Classical Persian Literature
MIDE 4510: Introduction to Islam (IR)
MIDE 4549: Major Issues in Mid E History
MIDE 4580: Oil in the Middle East
MIDE 4880: Special Topics
MIDE 4880: God, Love, and Mysticism
MIDE 4880: Science in the Mid E & C. Asia
MIDE 4880: Environmental Issues in Africa and Asia
MIDE 5647: International Relations of the Mid E

Other Departments

BUS 3940: Globalization in Lit. and Film
CHIN 4900: Traditional Asian Medicine 
CLCS 3940 Community Engaged Learning
CLCS 4900: Traditional Asian Medicine 
COMM 5610: IT and Global Conflict (IR)
ECON 5400: Middle Eastern Economic History
GEOG 3320/5320: Terrorism and Security (IR)
HINDI 3710: Hinduism and Islam
HINDI 4630: Bollywood: Seeing India through Indo-Pakastani Film
HINDI 4640: Cultural Exchanges of S. Asia & Iran
HNKLY 4905: John Price Think Tank
FILM 3250: Arab Cinema
PHIL 3640: World Religions (IR/HR)
SOC 4674: Global Health 

image of student Jessica Arthurs

Middle East Studies' student during an academic year study abroad in Jordan.


Major/minor requirements





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PERS 4010: Advanced Persian Language Skills
PERS 4020: Advanced Persian Language Skills 
PERS 4270: Classical Persian Literature 
PERS 4325: Muslim-Americans in the U.S. 
PERS 4880: God, Love, and Mysticism 

Political Science

POLS 3420: Islam and Politics
POLS 3440: Comparative Politics of the Middle East 
POLS 3490: Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective
POLS 4400: Introduction to Islam (IR)
POLS 5085: Islam and Democracy
POLS 5440: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict 
POLS 5450: Political Violence and Terrorism
POLS 5470: International Relations of the Middle East


Last Updated: 4/6/21