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career development

Having an international experience or understanding of other cultures and languages can set you apart from other job applicants; however, you must know how to incorporate your experience into your resume, interview, and conversations with future employers. Use the resources below!

career services

The Career & Professional Development Center has a team of friendly and professionally trained coaches that are here to help you maximize your potential by guiding you in imagining what it is you want to do and helping you craft a plan to achieve those goals. Check out their bios to learn about their diverse coaching focuses and backgrounds to find a coach that best meets your needs!

If you would like more support in getting started, feel free to reach out to Allison Musser, the Career Coach who works most closely with the College of Humanities at

Career Coach Allison MusserCareer Coach
Allison Musser

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Allison is able to meet with students to guide them through the resources the Career & Professional Development Center offers: workshops and networking events, ask-a-professional database, self-assessments, and much more!

Meet with Allison to discuss how to use UCareerPath, resume, cover letter, and interviewing help! Don't wait until your senior year to meet; now is the time to get advice on how to make yourself more marketable to potential employers!

Job and Internship Postings

UCareerPath is a database for U students which contains jobs, internships, and interview schedules from employers. Search UCareerPath for internships and job opportunities today!

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Going Global Database

Going Global provides an international job board for US citizens looking to job hunt globally, and for international students looking to find local jobs in North America. The database also contains comprehensive country career guides, filled with information related to industry trends, top companies, and cultural advice. Learn more.

monthly panels for students

Attend student panels and forums to learn more about opportunities on campus and network with professionals in the field.

Career Chat Workshops

International & Area Studies advisors and career counselors organize a career workshop specifically for students with international experiences, langauge abilities, and/or who are interested in working within international fields. Learn more.

Hinckley Forums

During spring and fall semesters the Hinckley Institute holds approximately 70 Hinckley Forums featuring local, national, and international political leaders and panels. Past Hinckley Forum guests include major figures such as Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, Thomas Friedman, Harry Reid, Brent Scowcroft, and John McCain as well as local, national, and international politicians, ambassadors, lobbyists, activists, and academics. Learn more.

Lassonde Entrepeneur Institute

The Lassonde Institute offers a range of workshops for undergraduate and graduate students. Their most popular programs include a statewide business-plan series, a student entrepreneur club, and a youth innovation program. Other opportunities include mentorship engagement, community partnership, scholarships, internships, and more. Learn more.

MUSE Lunchtime Series

MUSE hosts eight lectures throughout the academic year. Each month, they invite a guest speaker, usually a leading University of Utah faculty member, to address students on his or her interests, research, and work in relation to MUSE’s theme of citizenship. These lectures provide students a glimpse of other disciplines on campus, a potentially unique perspective on a number of social issues, and a relaxed atmosphere in which to speak with faculty members and other students. Learn more.



Last Updated: 9/27/17