Academic Advising

We now have three advisors advising for all International & Area Studies programs, including International Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle East Studies.

You may make appointments with any of the advisors by booking from the new advising page. You are expected to come on time and prepared.

International & Area Studies Advisors:

Ashley Glenn

Kellie Hubbard

Caitlin McDonald


For email questions, please email us at Emails should be professional and respectful, and include:

  1. Full name
  2. uNID
  3. Major (BA or BS) or minor
  4. Detailed requests, questions, and explanations

For any course approval process for courses not on the approved list, you must include a complete list of the course numbers and names, along with syllabi for each course and what requirement you believe the courses should fulfill.

When you generate a DARS to see if all classes come up in the major or minor, remember to always generate it for your catalog year (the year in which you declared).